Why should you obtain a Professional Engineering license?

A Professional Engineering license enables greater career development

A Professional Engineering license is a symbol of quality. It is the highest certification available in the engineering industry. If you have a PE license, it means you have the credentials, dedication and skills that clients can trust. There are many reasons why you should consider studying for a Professional Engineering license. Let us take a closer look.

A PE License Allows for Greater Career Development

Quite simply, a Professional Engineering license enables greater career development. Licensure enhances your stature, shows your commitment to the profession, and demonstrates quality leadership and management skills. If you do not have a PE license, you will not be qualified to carry out some types of engineering work.

Nor will you be able to rise to greater levels of responsibility and authority. For example, only a PE-licensed engineer can prepare, sign, and submit engineering plans to a public authority’s approval, and most government agencies, educational institutions, and other organisations only employ engineers with a PE license.

If you want to develop your engineering career and you have already passed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, find the right PE study material so you can begin your journey to becoming a fully-licensed professional engineer.

A PE License Allows for Greater Flexibility

A PE license does not only allow you to move upwards in your career. It allows you to move sideways as well. For instance, you could pursue employment as a specialist or even start up your own business. With a PE license under your belt, you have much more flexibility to follow a career path that you carve yourself.

A PE License Allows You to Earn a Higher Salary

Having the highest engineering credentials means you can demand a higher salary. The exact amount will depend on the type of business you work for or if you are self-employed, and other factors, such as your exact position. A specialist may earn a different amount to an independent consultant, for instance.

But one thing is for sure, out of all engineering positions, an engineer with a PE license can earn the highest salary. According to Glassdoor, in the UK, the average annual salary of a professional engineer is £63,555. To put that figure into comparison, the average yearly salary of an energy engineer is approximately £35,000.

How do you become a licensed professional engineer?

To become a licensed professional engineer, you will first need to complete a four-year degree in engineering and pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. You must then complete at least four years of progressive engineering experience with a qualified professional engineer before you can apply for the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam.

Even with years of experience in engineering, the examination is highly challenging. Many students do not pass it the first time. So, you will need to work hard and have a lot of determination if you want to become licensed. However, the hard work is not over once you have gained the certification. All professional engineers must continually maintain and improve their skills throughout their careers by continuing relevant education requirements.

Final Thoughts

Just like law licenses define the top lawyers and CPA exam certifications make certified public accountants the most respected in their industry, a PE license indicates an engineer is at the very top of his or her game. A professional engineer with a PE license is held in high esteem by their peers.

The license also tells the public that the professional engineer has mastered the crucial elements of his or her profession. So, by becoming a professional engineer, you get to be a part of a respected elite engineering community.

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