Talent Hunter promises a revolution in recruitment

The site empowers anyone to become a talent hunter and recommend people they believe are matched to roles

A North East firm is aiming to revolutionise the world of employment with the spin-out of a disruptive new job hunting idea.

E-commerce specialist Visualsoft has launched a new recruitment idea out of its innovative HR department that will reward job hunters and their friends for filling roles.

Talent Hunter has been spun out of the Teesside-headquartered firm with the aim of transforming the way the recruitment industry operates.

The site empowers anyone to become a talent hunter and recommend people they believe are matched to roles.

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In a bid to encourage individuals to put forward friends and family members for advertised positions, a ‘bounty’ will be awarded, if the candidate proves to be suitable for the job.

Depending on the role advertised, the size of the bounty handed out to the talent hunter will vary, and will only be received once a candidate is interviewed, secures the job and passes a three-month probationary period.

With values ranging from £100 to an incredible £5,000 – for some of the roles already advertised – job hunters can even put themselves forward and claim their fee, with the site also able to accept recommendations from recruitment agencies.

Initially Talent Hunter has been set up to advertise roles at fast-growing Visualsoft, but will be rolled out to other businesses if successful.

Emma Hart, Visualsoft’s HR manager credited with formulating the idea, said:

“We’d become somewhat disheartened with the recruitment process and thought it needed a shake up to become more modern.

“We thought it would be best to get others involved, particularly those who are actually in the industry of the jobs being advertised, as they will have a better understanding of who we are looking for.

“Someone may have a friend or family member they know who’s perfect for the job and Talent Hunter enables us and other businesses to tap into that.”

Dean Benson, CEO of Visualsoft, added:

“We really want to turn the recruitment industry on its head in a similar way to how Uber has transformed the taxi sector.”

Talent Hunter has been designed to enable individuals to cast the net far and wide when referring for and filling roles – effectively making anyone a recruitment agent.

When users see a job advertised, they will have an option to click ‘refer’. They will then fill out their details, generating a unique referral link that they can share across any social networks and email to friends.

Talent Hunter will be followed up with the launch of another HR-focused business later this year out of Visualsoft’s Innovation Lab. Hive HR will aim to revolutionise the employee / employer relationship and will be going live on GrowthFunders’ platform to raise investment later this month.

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