Tourism Sector Struggles to Fill Vacancies

Latest figures have highlighted that job postings in the tourism industry have risen by 40.9% in the last year

In the lead up the World Tourism Day this coming Sunday the 27thCV-Library has examined the state of the industry. Statistics reveal that whilst August 2015 has seen a significant rise in tourism jobs when compared with August 2014, application rates have failed to maintain the same growth, resulting in dwindling candidate choice for businesses.

Latest figures from the job site’s database have highlighted that job postings in the tourism industry have risen by 40.9% in the last year. Despite impressive job growth across the nation, the number of job hunters applying for roles in the sector has failed to maintain pace, resulting in an overall deficit of 11.33% in terms of the number of applications per role.

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This is concerning news for businesses. Whilst a tourism job could expect to receive 23 candidates per vacancy in August 2014, comparable data for August 2015 shows that this number has reduced to 20, meaning organisations have less choice during the selection process.

“The tourism industry is falling victim to a growing trend,” says Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, “as jobs are on the rise, applicants can afford to be more selective in their job search. With the recent decline in applications per role it’s clear that businesses need to become savvier at attracting new talent to their organisations.”

“A recent survey revealed that 93.8% of tourism professionals consider training opportunities ‘very important’ when looking for a new job. By adapting recruitment strategies, such as communicating a robust training and development programme in job openings, tourism organisations attract more qualified candidates to vacancies and ultimately increase application rates.”

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