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Five big trends changing the world of work

World of work has changed dramatically and continues to evolve, with new technology and social media becoming ever-present

Organisations have to adapt the way in which they recruit and retain staff, including allowing different ways of working, to ensure they continue to do business in the future. Here we look at five of the main trends that can be observed within the world of work today and how they are shaping the future of businesses across the globe.

Flexible working

Although flexible working has historically meant working from home – perhaps one day out of five – or packing a worker’s contracted hours into a shortened week, this needs to change. The growth in mobile technology means that workers can work from almost anywhere at any time and there is no longer a business need for employees to be in an office environment from 9-5. Mobile working also gives companies flexibility in terms of their office space and may even represent a cost saving.

Utilising the cloud

Most new technology that has been designed with collaboration in mind provides access to the cloud, whereby documents can be stored on a platform that can be accessed by employees around the country or around the world. Document sharing technology previously required IT investment; now, managers can decide what sort of cloud technology suits their needs without major company investment.

New technology

To utilise the cloud, companies have to invest in collaborative technology; for example, the workers of a global company can now speak to one another even if they do not know each other and have never met. This new technology also allows employees to communicate directly with management and enables companies to change their strategies and make improvements and efficiencies as a result.

Changing workforce

The working population is ageing; however, there is a new generation of workers known as ‘millennials’. These workers have grown up with social media and are used to being able to work anywhere, being open and honest, and using social media applications to improve the way in which they work. Companies need to appeal to this generation if they want to attract the best people and retain them going forward.

Behaviour influenced by social media

As more and more members of the workforce engage with social media in their personal life, this can spill over into the way in which they behave in the workplace; in addition, workplaces can learn a lot from social media and what it can bring to a business, such as collaborative working, ideas and information sharing, and openness and transparency. These factors are influencing and changing the way in which businesses interact with both their employees and their customers.

Advances in technology and social media and different ways of working are here to stay and will continue to evolve. If businesses want to continue operating, they will need to recognise the changes and move forward with them.

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