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The 9 businesses that know how to recruit

Businesses must get the process right in order to find the best candidate for the job

The interview is the first chance to showcase your skills, make a good impression and make your claim for the job, and it’s also a time at which Businesses must get the process right in order to find the best candidate for the job.

Almost every employee has nerves going into the interview and many have a terrible story to tell about at least one interview, whether it was a pushy interviewer, a tougher than normal environment, or even some of those extremely awkward questions.

The most important thing to remember this is as much an opportunity for the business to display what’s great about them, as it is for the aspiring employee to do the same.

Glassdoor have commented that information is power in the hiring world and that having the right facts about employees is key in getting things right. The survey does not have many “tech” type companies on it, which are reportedly the “hot” places to work due to substantial remuneration packages and hidden perks of the role.

There are many businesses out there that will be looking to improve their process. Glassdoor recommends that there are always ways in which to make interviews better, including testing specific skills needed for the role and removing irrelevant elements in order to regain focus.

A significant percentage of the firms with which candidates indicated positive interview experiences were in established sectors including financial services, banking and retail.

9. Walt Disney

Disney Co. candidates found the process to be efficient and managed in a timely manner. Glassdoor rated them 83 per cent on their in-house scale which accounts for various factors including positive interviewee rating, difficulty and length, amongst other elements.

The Disney Co. currently have various roles available across their parks and at the HQ in California.

8. Ernst & Young

EY applicants said that the tax company approached them with a genuine interest in their life and previous experiences. A score of 84 per cent due to a relaxed feel in interviews and an overall feeling of being wanted by the business.

7. Southwest Airlines

Interviewees at Southwest Airlines highlighted a fun feel to the process and the willingness of the company to help candidates make the interview process easier.

6. H&R Block

Candidates with H&R described their process as interactive and the company scored 84 per cent, matching Ernst & Young.

5. J.Crew

The retailer hit 85 per cent in the survey, with a friendly vibe to their techniques.

4. BNY Mellon

Another financial firm in the survey, but an 85 per cent score, with interviewees saying that they felt comfortable with its straightforward process.

3. Caterpillar

Heavy duty equipment company CAT hit the spot as candidates thought the interview process went above and beyond to impress them. Scoring 86 per cent.

2. Grant Thornton

Yet another accountancy firm, scoring an impressive 87 per cent. Interviewees said the firm were determined to find the “right fit” and tried to build a rapport with the candidates.


Top of the survey were SHW, who scored 88 per cent, attributed to the friendly and honest feel to the interview process.

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