9 interview sins that are killing your chances of getting hired

Always falling at the interview hurdle and not getting hired?

Give yourself every chance of success by avoiding these nine sins, and the offer letters will soon be landing on your doormat.

1. Bad Timekeeping

It’s an old cliché, but first impressions matter. Making sure that you’re on time is essential. Plan your route in advance. Arrive nearby early and find a coffee shop or park to relax and focus. You’ll be less stressed out when the interview starts and more likely to impress.

2. Not Doing Your Research

There’s no excuse for not having a good awareness of the company considering hiring you. Searching Google and social media will give you a solid background on the company’s activities and performance, their key personnel, competitors, aims and aspirations. Time well spent.

3. Lacking interest

An interview is a two-way conversation. Be interested, stay focused and ask relevant questions. Research the role in advance and have ideas ready that demonstrate that you’re interested in the company, which will help you stand out from other applicants.

4. Getting The Dress Code Wrong

Dress to impress, always. Being too casually dressed is a sure-fire way to rejection. Even the most relaxed leisure and lifestyle businesses will expect applicants to be in business attire at interview. Don’t make assumptions about dress code and let yourself down.

5. Only Asking About The Money

When it’s time to ask questions, focusing purely on the remuneration package is never going to impress. Ask about role development, career path and company plans. It’s important to know what the rewards will be, but don’t give the impression that they are your sole motivation.

6. Behaving As Though You’ve Already Got The Job

Even if the role requires a self-confident and outgoing personality, coming across as arrogant or over familiar won’t make you any friends at interview. Don’t cross the fine line between demonstrating your abilities and looking like a know-it-all.

7. Coming Across As Desperate

Don’t just agree with everything the interviewer says, ask questions that show you to be keen to make sure you and the company are right for each other. You’re checking out the company just as much as they’re checking you out. Whilst you may urgently need the job, coming across as needy won’t help.

8. Expressing Yourself Poorly

An interview is all about communication. Muttering, mumbling, and never getting to the point is all to be avoided. Give concise answers; illustrate your answers with the right amount of detail. Ahead of the interview, consider some of the questions that may be asked of you, and plan your answers to create the right impact.

9. Forgetting a Positive Attitude

Whilst trying not to come across as arrogant, also avoid coming across as negative. Don’t be critical of former employers or industry competitors; show that you’re all about solutions and positive energy. Moaning about the weather or the traffic you encountered on the way to the interview will cause a question mark about your attitude.

Avoiding these nine sins will make the interview process smoother and more rewarding, and get you off to the best possible start with your new employer.

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