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Eliminate work-related stress by handling scenarios correctly

Here are some scenarios responsible for causing workplace stress and suggestions for dealing with them in the calmest manner

Studies indicate that work-related issues are by far the number one source of stress in adults. With stress and anxiety being linked to numerous health problems, not to mention making your work and home life pretty miserable, it is really important that employees find ways to eliminate or at least reduce stress in their professional lives. 


Many people find themselves running into difficulties with their workload. Perhaps their volume of work has dramatically increased and they are unable to complete everything to a high standard, or perhaps the work they are doing does not correspond to the position they applied for.

In such circumstances, communication is crucial. Try to remember that bosses and managers are not always attuned to the day-to-day running of a business and might not pick up on a problem unless it is presented directly to them. Explain your concerns in a calm and open manner.


Some employees feel as if their good work goes unnoticed or undervalued by their leaders. If this is the case, remind yourself that your boss might not necessarily be aware of the finer details of their organisation and could be relying on you to pass the information along. Making your boss aware of your achievements is not bragging, providing you do it in moderation; instead, it is simply highlighting your contributions and keeping them in the loop.

If a boss leaves for any reason, this can be an anxious time; however, don’t make any drastic decisions. Wait it out and see how their replacement handles things.


We spend an estimated one-third of our time with co-workers; therefore, it can lead to serious stress when personalities clash. If you find yourself in conflict with a colleague, it is best to keep things professional – after all, you have to work together regardless. Be nice, make an effort to be the bigger person and if this doesn’t work, remind yourself that their bad behaviour says more about them than it does about you.

Having said that, if a co-worker starts playing dirty and claiming credit for your hard work, it is time to speak up. Be assertive and vocal when it comes to claiming your achievements. If someone unfairly takes the credit, don’t be afraid to call them out – professionally, of course.


We are all human and now and then mistakes can happen. If you have made a damaging error in work, do yourself a favour and accept responsibility – nothing looks worse than someone who can’t take the rap for their actions. Own up and try to figure out how things went wrong and what you will do to prevent it happening again.

If you end up with a poor performance review on the back of this, or for any other reason, try to clarify your manager’s concerns before lashing out or becoming defensive. Performance reviews are designed to help you to develop and progress; therefore, try to see any negative feedback as an opportunity to grow.

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