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Be more successful at work by adopting these six simple daily habits

Some people are quite content to simply muddle along at work

Words such as ambition, recognition and promotion are strictly for the Scrabble board. The slight gap left when they retire will quickly close up as if they were never there at all; however, if the thought of your career panning out in this way make you shudder and you are committed to self-improvement, read on.

Although experience, qualifications and ability play a part in workplace success, there are other ways to get the job-related results you really want. By incorporating these simple habits into your daily routine, you can easily become more successful at work.

1. Self-belief – acknowledge what you are good at

Anyone who claims to be amazing at every single thing they do would be too scarily perfect to be taken seriously in most workplaces, but why do both employers and employees focus on trying to improve the areas in which someone does not shine rather than focusing on those in which they do?

Klick Communications co-founder Charlotte Crivelli believes this approach to be a waste of time for all involved, preferring instead to match people to available jobs and work they are good at and enjoy.

2. Develop a work style that reflects who you are

Identifying the conditions in which you thrive and those that distract or depress you is crucial for long-term success at work.

Brian Shapland, general manager at office furniture company Turnstone, advises employees to take the initiative in situations they feel are not optimal for their own performance. This generally involves simple tweaks, such as bringing in headphones to use if the bustle of shared office space is too distracting.

3. Develop a work ‘mask’

Sometimes the sun is shining and being positive is no effort at all; at other times it is the opposite. For maximum life and work success, learning to control your emotions is crucial. Few people want to spend the best part of the day absorbing residual tension.

It is also important to remain in the moment. By focusing on the job you are being paid to do, there is less brain space to worry about the things you cannot change.

4. Eat to nourish your body

The human body needs lots of fuel to function properly and remain healthy; however, this is not always easy to achieve or maintain with the hectic lives we live today. Try packing your own lunch and snacks and shop ahead.

5. Clean the slate each night

Learning to control the urge to dwell on stressful events in your day will reduce your stress level significantly. Allocate a short period of the day to go over any stress points, creating a mental or written plan to help you to learn from how you feel, and then let things go.

6. Get comfortable with daily self-reflection

Make a little time at the end of each day to reflect back on the day. Empty your mind of chaos and make a note of three things you are either grateful for or have done well.

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