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Break standard job application rules and stand out from the crowd

When it comes to employment success, those in the latter group tend to shine, having emerged confidently from the shadows

In the competitive job market, there are two types of candidate: those who follow or run with the crowd and a smaller number who choose to forge their own path. When it comes to employment success, those in the latter group tend to shine, having emerged confidently from the shadows and branded themselves as both unique and worthy people.

Most potential employers have a website that features details of their business, operational strategies and career openings, along with links to an online application portal. Consequently, most people will, quite logically, fill this in and wait for news about the next stage.

What they may not realise is that this kind of system drastically reduces their chance of success. The sheer number of applications received in this way makes personal scrutiny and evaluation of each candidate almost impossible and choosing those suitable for interview extremely difficult. An automated program will scan for keywords and ‘pass’ those with the correct percentage.

The search terms are basically too broad, while looking for buzzwords that applicants have focused their resume around offers nothing new. You can be assured that many recruiting people now opt for different methods to pick out the gems, even if this is simply chance! Keywords are useless.

As a job applicant, you need to adopt approaches that get you noticed and hired ahead of the competition still floating in this first stage. Even if it seems etiquette to follow the system installed by a company, there is nothing to lose from adopting alternative methods and approaches if the system is almost guaranteed to fail you.

If you want to leap past the pack and prove to a potential employer exactly how tenacious, achieving, logical and downright amazing you are, be prepared to break the following five rules.

Five rules you need to kick aside to get the job you deserve:

1. You must present yourself, your experience and your skills in a bland, generic way to avoid being at all different to others.

2. You must always apply though the stated channel and show no initiative in bypassing it.

3. You must openly and willingly share personal information, such as current salary, with anyone who asks.

4. You must never contact potential employers on spec.

5. Employers hold all the power and you are just one of many, so play the game.

Challenging the status quo really celebrates your individuality and amazing skills. Why settle for beige when you have the entire rainbow from which to choose?

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