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Three astute hiring techniques to secure the best and brightest talent

Unemployment is decreasing, but companies still want to know that they are attracting and securing the very best talent

For the first time since the financial crisis of 2008, workers are beginning to feel as though moving freely between roles within their industry is not an unobtainable, distant dream.

Unemployment is decreasing, but companies still want to know that they are attracting and securing the very best talent to efficiently and innovatively solve problems and strive for further growth and development.

At a time when workers have more choice than in recent years, hiring managers need to positively engage with talented candidates and convince them that their skills will be appreciated, fully utilised and developed within their company.

Understand that experience is not everything

Advertising a position in this climate means that you are certain to attract applications from many candidates who have built up experience in a similar role, will be able to complete their tasks competently, and will have confidence in their abilities. Whilst there is nothing inherently wrong with this approach, looking beyond experience is vital if you want to find a candidate with new and inventive ideas who will grow within the company.

Evaluating each candidate’s personality and skillset will begin to give you an idea as to how proficiently they will adapt to your workplace and will ensure you do not immediately discount anyone who does not have a certain number of years of previous experience.

Establish a dedicated career website

The hiring experience should be easy to navigate for you and for your candidates. Your career website should make a positive impact on all potential candidates, encouraging them to want to continue with their application. This is your opportunity to explain what you can do for your candidates, alongside explaining to them what type of person you are looking for.

Consider your business objectives

Your team must always meet its personal performance objectives; however, ensuring each department is also working towards the objectives of the business as a whole is equally important. The recruitment team, for example, may be meeting its goals, ensuring roles are filled efficiently and within budget; however, it is likely that the correct people are not being hired if this is not resulting in the progression of your overall business.

Individuals want to feel appreciated and engaged when they are at work. When a company is interested in the opinions of its team, workplace culture is more positive and performance will improve. Remember that high-quality candidates will be attracted to companies that actively engage with their employees; in addition, your business will benefit from the innovative ideas and enthusiasm they have to offer.

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