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Why the upturn in temping isn’t always bad news

Temping has a flexible nature, and a formally contracted full time job just doesn’t suit some people

The UK has had the third largest rise in temporary employment in Europe and this is still on the rise, according to the Trade Union Congress.

Temping has a flexible nature, and a formally contracted full time job just doesn’t suit some people. Should the worker have other commitments such as family matters, personal projects or they simply don’t want to commit to full time employment, then temping could well be the ideal route for them to go down. Temporary working allows work to fit around a person’s life.

Furthermore, temping can allow a worker to gain valuable experience. Some people, particularly those who are younger or who don’t have an extensive work background may lack confidence in jumping straight into full or part time employment, and giving them a temporary role in their chosen industry could really help them decide on the best way forward.

Recruited staff could also test the water with a new role, before taking on a permanent position. Getting a temporary role quickly, which is normally easier to obtain than a full time position, can really help a worker to find the right long term career choice more quickly.

An extra benefit of temping is networking. The worker is likely to meet more colleagues and company managers and owners in the long run, which could lead to a whole range of future opportunities through these new contacts.

One key advantage of temping is a richer CV. Having completed a number of temporary roles, your CV will expand with that newly-acquired experience, making you more attractive to employers for both temporary and long term positions, one of which could well become your career.

Having experienced a range of environments, it really helps to show the worker’s adaptability, and demonstrates a wider knowledge, gained from working in more than one place.

Temping can be useful for people who need to take long periods of time off, or those who need to earn additional income or acquire invaluable experience.

It can also potentially lead to repeat future employment. Since employers don’t like gaps on CVs, temping can offer a solution for those who are between permanent positions.

Temping also creates a safety net. Not only will it fund you between longer-term jobs, but it may well present your permanent role. Some employers even like to treat temporary staff as possible long term employees of their company.

Temping offers regular payments, and most employers of temporary workers pay weekly or fortnightly, offering a real bonus to some who prefer a frequent pay cheque.

Under the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR), staff who have worked for the same company for 12 weeks or more gain the same employee rights as the employer’s long term contracted staff, such as sick pay, bereavement, maternity leave, lunch breaks and holiday entitlement.

Temping through agencies certainly offers many benefits. It offers a quick way of funding living expenses in a flexible manner, and it can boost experience and give your CV a much-needed edge.

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