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Fixing the issues in recruitment to ensure your company hires the best candidates

This is your best and most accessible source of talent, so do not ignore it

For many talented and eager jobseekers, the continual cries of ‘talent shortages’ amongst business leaders and employers can be more than frustrating.

The fact is that there are many hireable candidates out there who could be a perfect match for a vacancy; however, the pathway into the job can sadly be problematic due to flawed recruitment processes within the corporate sector.

Business leaders who want to tap into the talent pool should first evaluate their lines of recruitment, so let’s look at some ways in which they can do just this.

Demanding job ads

While a job advertisement needs to give a realistic representation of the requirements needed for a job, too many are written in a rigid and demanding way that alienates candidates rather than attracting them.

HR departments would do well to open the opportunity up to a range of candidates with different skills and backgrounds instead of making the application process a box-ticking exercise that narrows down the number of people who will feel able and qualified to apply.

Do not rely on tech too much

In an age of technology, it can be tempting for HR departments to rely heavily on auto-emails, algorithms and non-specific online tests to screen a vast number of applicants; however, these methods are not a reliable alternative to human judgement.

If you want to find the best candidates, you cannot rely on a computer to make the hire for you – you must invest the time yourself.

Reply promptly and politely

Taking weeks after the closing date to screen and reply to candidates means that a vast number of the best ones may have already been snapped up.

Be prompt in your responses, and be courteous when you reply; for example, do not send out online tests without including a personal message thanking the applicant for their interest and introducing the job spec and requirements.

Treating job seekers with respect paints the company in a good light and generally means that there should not be an issue filling positions.

Although applicants are ultimately interviewing for you, it bodes well if you can also adopt the mentality of trying to impress them so that they feel they are a great match for you. This is the best way to attract dedicated and talented staff.

Advertise internally

Involve existing staff in the recruitment process and involve them in finding new hires, or even applying themselves. This is your best and most accessible source of talent, so do not ignore it.

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