Young Entrepreneur launches Big Youth Group – in partnership with Google, Sage and Accenture

Jack Parsons aims to create 2 million work/life experiences for young people

Young entrepreneur and social influencer Jack Parsons (24) and Ex-Havas Media Group boss, Paul Frampton announce the launch of the Big Youth Group – a group of companies that focus on improving the employment odds for young people.

Big Youth Group is formed with the aim to educate, support and change big business perceptions and give young people the right platform to get ahead in the working world. The Group has already confirmed partnerships with Accenture, Sage & Google.

Parsons, CEO said “Every young person is at a different stage of their working journey. Which is why we wanted to launch a group with a collective of meaningful brands focusing on the age and stage of a young person’s life.

“For example, you have a 16-year-old looking for their first-time job and you have a 28-year-old also looking for their first-time job we will help them both navigate their journey towards success…”

Frampton will sit as Chairman and Parsons as CEO.

Parsons previously ran Yourfeed, growing it to a valuation of £8m. Yourfeed successfully created a unique, deeply engaged community of young people who embraced the solution, vision, and purpose that founder Parsons laid out to achieve.

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