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This list of most in-demand freelance skills may surprise you

There is an emphasis on new and emerging technology, but some of these skills may surprise you

As the biggest and best-known freelancing agency on the internet, Upwork is uniquely based to offer insights into the world of freelance work. The organisation has recently released its latest figures detailing the skills most in demand; unsurprisingly, there is an emphasis on new and emerging technology, but some of these skills may surprise you.

Upwork, which releases figures for the fastest-growing skills every quarter, reports that the top ten show growth of more than 300 per cent since this time last year. This indicates just how fast modern technology is taking hold. Freelancers are rushing to update their skillset to keep abreast of emerging trends as companies become increasingly dependent upon freelancers to provide them with the expertise they are seeking; in fact, according to Upwork, there is an increasing tendency for the US’s Fortune 500 companies to utilise freelancers, who are more likely to keep their skills up to date than traditional full-time employees.

If you are a freelancer looking to keep abreast of the times, here are the top five skills you need to know about.


This cryptocurrency has been big news in recent months thanks to huge media coverage. A new type of currency that exists only online, bypassing the traditional banking model altogether, Bitcoin saw a massive rise in its value and a stampede of investors desperate to jump on the bandwagon. The value may have fallen since the initial media frenzy, but Bitcoin is definitely here to stay.

Amazon DynamoDB

As you might expect from any project created by internet leviathan Amazon, this NoSQL database is both durable and reliable. Originally created to manage Amazon’s complex data, the subsequent release of the software into the hands of the public has created widespread interest, with scores of companies keen to make use of the package.

React Native

App developers have long struggled with the complexity of creating code that works seamlessly on iOS only to find they need to be completely re-written for the Android operating system. Thanks to React Native they can now use one code for both operating systems, saving time and expense. Developed by Instagram and Facebook, the software was released on GitHub back in 2013, since when it has gained numerous fans.


One of the biggest buzzwords of current times, robotics is a rapidly-growing technology that looks set to govern the way we work and live in the future. With increasing numbers of tasks now being carried out by robot workers, this is an industry that is constantly evolving, with skilled proponents much in demand.


Also known simply as Go, this is a computer language designed for the modern computer rather than using older and perhaps outdated languages. Predicted to be the programming language for the future, any developer with a knowledge of Golang will quickly see the financial rewards of their training.

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  2. Bit Coin! haha. I wouldn’t bank a career on it anytime soon. Learn React, Vue.js and Python. You’ll have a job forever.

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