How to choose the right venue for your next corporate event

In an ideal world, corporate venues will be booked and arranged well in advance of the event

For those planning a corporate event, the venue is one of the most important aspects in setting the tone for your entire event and for your attendees.

The right venue can be the difference between a successful event which is discussed for all the right reasons, or one where your attendees wished they’d never accepted. There are a number of key factors that you should consider when looking to book your next venue.

Is it right for my guests?

First and foremost the venue must be able to meet the needs of the guests you are inviting. Venues will give a proposed capacity for their room hire which will give a good indication as to whether your number of attendees will fit comfortably in a given venue.
You’ll also need to think about facilities such as bathrooms and refreshment areas to ensure the needs of all guests will be comfortably met.

How will the time of year affect the venue?

In an ideal world, corporate venues will be booked and arranged well in advance of the event, which means you may view your venue in an entirely different season to the one in which your event will take place. Whilst an outdoor space may appear perfect on a clear and sunny day, consider the expected weather for the time of year you’re planning for and liaise with staff for feedback on the venue during that season.

Is it in the right place?

Location is another key factor in the success of any corporate event. The ideal venue will be in an easy to reach location which has good transport links to ensure accessibility for your guests. That remote hotel down a narrow track may very well be a bargain for a reason.

Does the atmosphere suit the event?

The style and decor of an event space can set the tone from the moment your guests arrive so be sure that the mood of the venue will match the mood of the meeting. If serious and important decisions are to be made at your event then the space will need a sense of gravitas in perhaps a somewhat different style to that suited to a creative event which is intended to encompass fun activities and inspire team bonding.

Will my equipment needs be met?

For any corporate event, it is very likely that some audio-visual elements will be required. Whilst some venues will be able to supply the equipment you need, this may come at a premium. Other venues may ask you to bring your own so it’s important to check in advance and consider engaging specialist AV services to ensure that you’re not caught out with any technical issues on the day.

Planning a corporate event can feel overwhelming, but keeping the key questions at the front of your mind and allowing plenty of preparation time will help to ensure that your next event is a resounding success.

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