How collaborative hiring can boost your hiring efforts

Many employers are shifting away from traditional recruitment models towards collaborative hiring

With the latest job openings and labour turnover survey revealing that hirings are continuing to rise, now may be the perfect time for employers to consider the unrivalled benefits of collaborative hiring. 

Touted by Steve Jobs as essential to the hiring process, many employers are shifting away from traditional recruitment models towards collaborative hiring. This brings different departments into the recruitment process, allowing the potential employee to be assessed by more of the people they’d be working alongside.

With this in mind, Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of Resume-Library, offers his expert advice on the matter, explaining why employers should incorporate collaborative hiring into their recruitment structure:

“While it can initially be complex to make the shift to collaborative hiring, this structure is the future of the recruitment process. Designed to get more members of your team involved, collaborative hiring ensures that the candidate will be vetted by more people to ensure that you secure the best person for the job.

“Remember, the interview process works as a two-way street. Collaborative hiring also improves the overall picture that the candidate gets of your company, as they’ll get to meet more people. So you’ve got the chance to give an honest impression of where they’ll be working, reducing the chance of the candidate quitting after you’ve hired them and saving you the cost of a hire that doesn’t work out.

“Of course, there will always be interviews which don’t go as you might hope. But even if you or the candidate decide that your business isn’t quite the cultural fit for them, at least they’ll walk away with a positive experience. Splitting the interview responsibilities between a larger team will allow you to polish the process and find your next hire more efficiently!”

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