Lack of opportunity revealed as the biggest challenge for young professionals

British business leaders provide tips on things for first jobbers to master early in their careers

British business leaders have revealed that lack of opportunity is the biggest challenge facing young professionals entering the job market in 2019.

According to a survey of senior managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs by JOB TODAY, the UK’s number one hiring app, nearly half (40%) believe there aren’t enough jobs for young seekers, with many believing the issue will be amplified when Britain eventually leaves the European Union.

As well as a lack of opportunities, a third (33%) of business leaders are concerned that new job seekers don’t have enough experience to land their first job, while more than a quarter (27%) believe that first jobbers will struggle with work-life balance.

Despite the findings of the research, Polina Montano, co-founder at JOB TODAY has a different view.

“There has been a lot of concern about the job market amongst Brexit negotiations, but with 86,000 fewer EU nationals in jobs in the UK last year, we’re actually seeing that at this crucial time people have an abundance of jobs to apply to, and are taking advantage of applying for more jobs than ever.”

“Getting a foot in the door at the start of your career can be a challenge; learning vital skills through work experience and training courses can really help your personal development and secure that job you want,” explains Montano.

“Last year, JOB TODAY launched Job Academy, an initiative aimed at providing job seekers with new market standards of online and practical training courses to help them gain the knowledge they need, in the industries they want to work in.”

As part of the research, Britain’s business leaders also provided their top tips for people looking to secure their first job. Self-confidence (29%), problem-solving (23%) and time management (21%) are amongst the key traits to master early in your career, with a number of senior stakeholders suggesting that grasping office politics is what could benefit young professionals the most.

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