Pros and cons of freelancing

Knowledge of the benefits and demerits will help you make the best decision

Changes in work dynamics are pushing more people into freelancing. Others want to enjoy the benefits of working as a freelancer while avoiding the tight schedules of employment. Online proofreading jobs are some of the most lucrative freelancing opportunities you will find today.

Before thinking of joining the freelancing bandwagon, it is important to evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of working as a freelancer. Knowledge of the benefits and demerits will help you make the best decision as well as avoid regrets once you abandon your formal employment.

Pros Of Working As A Freelancer

• Choice Of Your Favourite Clients

Freelancers are at liberty to choose the kind of clients from whom to take up jobs. The freelancer will pitch to specific clients based on personal preference. It allows you to expand your skills or specialize in a particular area of work. The privilege to choose the clients you engage in does not extend employed persons. An employee has to serve all clients who come his or her way regardless of personal preference.

• Enjoy Flexibility

Employees are guided by a work schedule that requires you to stay engaged for a specific period of time. Such constraints deny the work ample time to attend to personal commitments and may even cause you to lose your social life. A freelancer is flexible enough to explore his or her hobbies, be with family, and attend to social commitments without asking for permission or receiving penalties. This level of flexibility, while you are still earning your livelihood, makes you the envy of every employee.

• You Have No Boss

A freelancer has no boss. There is no annoying senior who will demand that you report to the office or behave in a particular manner. You plan your work based on the assignments available. You will work at your own pace and enjoy incredible peace of mind. This is one of the enviable benefits of freelancing.

• Determining Your Earnings

The salary of an employee is determined by market forces and the employer. You have to negotiate or take up more responsibilities to have a salary raise.

The situation changes when working as a freelancer. You pitch for jobs and take up as much work as you wish. This means that your earning potential will depend on commitment. If you want to earn more, you need to pitch to more clients. There are no negotiations whenever you need to increase your salary.

Cons Of Freelancing

• You Foot The Cost Of Your Work

An employee will report to the office and begin working without thinking of capital investment. Employees are also facilitated to complete their projects. This facilitation is expensive for a freelancer. It means that you have to deduct costs every time you receive your earnings.

• Not Guarantee Of Earnings

Work will not always be available for a freelancer. There are high and low seasons that are characterized by changes in the quantity of work. This may affect your ability to pay bills and foot the cost of freelancing. In case you fall ill or are away for several days, your earnings will dip. This may affect ongoing projects that are dependent on your earnings.

• Lack The Exposure Of A Work Environment

Workmates and people around the place you work are an important ecosystem for social health and development. Freelancers sometimes work from home or in different locations. They do not have workmates to chat with or share moments of joy and difficulty. Your professional and social life may be affected by the lack of a formal work environment.

• Likely To Lack A Routine In Life

The freedom to work from anywhere and in your free time means that you will not develop a work routine. The routine boosts productivity and enables you to hit your potential. As you enjoy flexibility, you miss the chance to develop a healthy work routine and may eventually affect your work.

Whether you work as a freelancer or an employee, you must embrace the working discipline. You have targets from clients and quality to deliver. Use flexibility and the ability to determine your earnings as motivation to make more money.

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