How to find the right candidate and fast

Some people might say it’s all down to having a good idea

Many people ask what the secret to a successful business is? Unfortunately, there’s no real right answer. Some people might say it’s all down to having a good idea. Others might say it’s down to having a good product or good customer service. The one thing that does link all of these together is people. Work with the right people, people who can come up with good ideas, make good products and treat your customers well, and you’ll have a great company. If one of those staff members suddenly decides to leave the business, you could be left with a huge gap to fill in your operation. Here’s how you can fill that slot with the right person as quickly as possible.

Choose a recruitment agency that understands your industry

Every different industry requires a different kind of candidate. If you work in sales, you’ll want someone who is extremely confident talking to people. If you work in the construction trade, you’ll want someone with a keen eye for detail and the skills and strength needed to carry out a whole range of different tasks. That’s why it’s important to choose a recruitment agency that speaks to the kind of people you want to work with.

For example, recruiters have developed networks of talent across IT, financial services, consulting and other areas. Not only is the field of work important, but having on-the-ground knowledge is crucial when recruiting in different locations. For example, this Recruitment Agency in Bangkok will know about the local job market and what the supply and demand for talent are at any given time.

Using a recruiter means you won’t have to fish through applications from people who are trained in a completely different field, have no real experience or are just attracted by the size of the salary.

Make the application process flexible

Traditionally, when you start the recruitment process, you set a deadline for candidates to get their applications in by. This could be anything from a week, two weeks or even a month or longer. The only problem is that the right person might send their application on day one of you advertising the role, meaning you’re wasting valuable time for the rest of the period. Consider not setting a firm closing date, but instead, say that you may close the process early if you have sufficient demand. That way if you find the application of someone who you know will fit the bill perfectly, you can hold an interview and get them working for you much sooner. Every day is valuable in business, and every day without a full team of staff could lose you money.

Set a task

Often the most time-consuming part of any application process is reading through every resume and cover letter. Some companies have even resorted to using artificial intelligence to narrow down the list of potential candidates. Even if you make candidates answer set questions or apply through a form, you might find them including a lot of information that reveals very little about themselves. Instead of getting them to write down their skills, get them to demonstrate their skills. If you’re looking for a skilled video editor, get them to submit a video rather than an essay. This way you’ll know the quality of their work rather than their ability to write a good application. 

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