Should HR Professionals Invest in Relocation Services?

There’s a lot of moving parts throughout the relocation process just for a single employee

Relocating employees play a pivotal role in company development. Whether it is to shrink the talent gap between the different branches or to relocate nearer to suppliers and customers, what HR does in between is crucial in making the movement a low-stress experience. 

Thankfully, relocation management specialists are there to ease your burdens. So, should HR professionals invest in relocation services?

Though there’s no definite black or white answer for this, hiring a professional relocation service does offer a lot of value for your employees. In this article, we’ll take a look at the pros of hiring a corporate relocation company objectively to find out if they’re really worth your resources.

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You’ll be Connected Through a Single Point of Contact

There’s a lot of moving parts throughout the relocation process just for a single employee. For instance, let’s take a look at international movements. If you were to relocate your employee to another country, you’ll need to get the documentation ready for their visa applications. They will also need help in opening a bank account and look at renting a property (which can be difficult for foreigners). 

What about the tax implications expats need to be aware of? This relocation guide covers some of the challenges in relocating employees.

Do you have the resources in place to make sure you can guide them through the mess? By investing in a relocation service, your employee(s) will be appointed a manager who has expertise in dealing with the logistics. 

Everything will be streamlined in a way that they’ll act as you and your employee’s single point of contact.

HR Doesn’t Need to Worry About Housing

Depending on company policy, HR may not be obliged in offering housing assistance. Traditionally, this was a feat that employees would work out on their own. However, in doing so, you’re only exacerbating the stress levels of your employees which in turn decreases employee productivity. 

As they are already in a compromised situation, it’s common practice for companies nowadays to help with housing.

Investing in relocation services is a great way to help ease your employee(s) burden. These services usually offer home buyout options, thus eliminating the need for employees to put their house on the market. When the relocation is urgent and the market is soft, this is a great option to have. 

Additionally, relocation services are connected with local realtors that can look for the best homes for your employees. Since your employees have different needs (public transportation, schools, etc), it’s best that you outsource the legwork for the experts on the ground.

You’re Employee’s are Taken Care of after the Relocation

Don’t assume the stress of relocating is over just because your employees have arrived safely. Settling in plays a big part in your employees (and their families) happiness and overall well-being. As HR, what you can do once your employees are already there is fairly limited.

Relocation experts are there to help your employees get comfortable. Some have people in the area that can show the employees around the city and get accustomed to the local culture, while some can help your employee’s spouse find a job. 

At the end of the day, your employees will be happy to know that they have support in a location that’s new to them.


Whether you decide to invest in a relocation service for your employees is up to you. Ultimately, it comes down to the nature of the relocation, how many employees are involved, and if you have the manpower and expertise to guide them along the way. 

If your HR team doesn’t have any experience in relocating employees, hiring professionals can save a lot of time and prevent unnecessary headaches. 

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