How Covid-19 Impacted the Recruitment

The coronavirus has forced the companies to go for mass layoffs and change the way they hire people

Covid-19 has affected almost every sector, resulting in immediate and drastic actions from employers all across the globe. This pandemic has changed a lot about how people work and undergo their daily actions as lots of people have lost their jobs, and most of them have always been afraid of losing theirs’ since the outbreak of the pandemic. The coronavirus has forced the companies to go for mass layoffs and change the way they hire people. 

The real estate, travel and tourism and the entertainment industry are some of the most affected industries as more people have been staying indoors because of the coronavirus crisis. All the industries related to the online sector, on the other hand, including the online gaming industry has astonishingly profited because of this virus and the government imposed lockdowns. People have turned to online gaming on reputed sites like to be entertained amidst the pandemic prevalence. 

The Full Recruitment Story 

There has been a hiring freeze in almost all the sectors, making it a nightmare for all the recent graduates as a lot of companies have even rescinded the job offers given to the college undergraduates towards the end of 2019. The uncertainty regarding the future of the market and the end of the pandemic made the companies restrict or delay their hiring process. 

The New Age Hiring 

Covid-19 forced people to work from home with office spaces shut down in the emergency. The entire deal with the hiring process is similarly based online as the candidates have to appear for interviews on the online platforms pre-decided by the respective company. All the exams and the interactive sessions are now happening remotely and are entirely new games for both the candidates and the employers. In fact, there have been reports regarding changing patterns in the written hiring exams because of the coronavirus. 

The new-age virtual hiring process has even got its disadvantages, as most people complain about the lack of expression that didn’t used to be a problem in the normal days. Even some of the employers have complained about the problems regarding understanding the candidate.

Some Data Check!

With a lot of companies on a firing spree, the unemployment rate has risen to 7.4 per cent in Europe while this number may reach 9 per cent in the whole European Union by the end of 2020. The unemployment rate in the USA rose to an all-time high of 14.7 per cent, but later on, it came down to 11 per cent. Just for a fact, this percentage was seen in the covid-19 dominant months, and the number is even more than the great recession. 

What’s the Deal Now? 

Most of the companies right now are just hiring only a few handfuls of people, inevitably giving rise to tough competition among the candidates. The pandemic has forced the employers to lay more focus on the skills, and thus they are looking for people with a varied amount of skill set. The situation has thus worsened, especially among the mid-size companies who are just offering a limited number of positions if at all. Therefore, in these tough times, it is kind of difficult for the employees to get their dream jobs.

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