What to do in between job searching

Job searching can be pretty tough because so many devote the majority of their day to this one task

Job searching is always one of the most grueling, laborious, and potentially demotivating processes a person will have to go through in their life, simply due to the high percentage probability of facing multiple rejections before landing a job.

Another reason why job searching is pretty tough is that so many devote the majority of their day to this one task, meaning that many people can become miserable and burnt out when continuously searching for a job, drafting cover letters, and editing their CV.

To keep yourself effective and ensure that your job searching in the best possible manner, you must allow yourself to do other things to break up the day and make it seem less like a chore and more an exciting experience. Here are a few things you can do in between job searching to make it feel a little less demanding.

Learn Skills

If you’re job searching while currently out of work, it means that you’ve now gone a fair bit more free time than the average person and filling up that free time can be difficult. Most people will try to use the working hours of their day to look for jobs and work on their job searching, but the reality is there might not be enough for you to do to fill that time.

So, instead of driving yourself mad by repeatedly altering your CV, a good thing to do is to enroll on a course and try to learn a new skill. This will give you something productive and new to focus on, which will help to keep your days feeling varied, and getting better at this skill will provide you with a nice feeling of progression, helping you to stay confident.

It can also improve your job searching prospects, as the skill, you decide to learn can be used to enhance your applications, especially if it’s something desirable in many professional roles, like photoshop or digital marketing.

Play Games

When job searching, all your time shouldn’t be devoted to this one cause, as you’re going to get bored and fed up, leading to less than effective job searching. Instead, a good thing to do to give yourself a mental break is to play some games and enjoy yourself.

The games you play can vary on your tastes and what you’re into, with good solo options being crosswords and puzzles as well as online games. A worthwhile suggestion that’s pretty fun and is sure to get the adrenaline pumping is online bingo, and you can find the best type of bingo to play at bingositesreviewer.com.


As well as playing games, another great thing that people who are in the job market can do is to use some of their free time and devote it to exercise. Things such as short jogs or small workouts at the gym are good at clearing the mind, not to mention that exercise also gives you a burst of endorphins, which are chemicals that boost your overall mood and happiness, which can help turn what may be a bleak and challenging time into something far more manageable and positive.

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