Lack of corporate information causing a quarter of employees to quit

If you fail to provide detailed information to your employees it will cause them to mistrust the management team

A new report highlights that over a quarter of employees in the UK are leaving their roles because of a lack of information from their employers.

The report carried out by Geckoboard, a data communication business, surveyed 1,001 people in the UK who are employed on a full time basis. The results showed that 26 per cent of them are looking for a new role, or know someone in the business who is.

Why? Because they don’t like the fact that they receive so little information from their current employer. This is resulting in an atmosphere of mistrust, which can be detrimental for all parties.

The majority of the employees surveyed (80 per cent) want to receive more information as to how the business is performing. In fact 93 per cent of the respondents would prefer to learn about any news internally, even if it’s bad, rather than waiting to hear it from external sources or misinformation from the gossip chain.

Of those surveyed, fewer than 9 per cent received real time information on how the company was doing.

Culture of mistrust

If you fail to provide detailed information to your employees, it will almost invariably cause them to mistrust the management team in the longer term which is clearly harmful to morale.

79 per cent of those interviewed by Geckoboard stated that they didn’t trust managers who they believed were failing to share important data. More than a quarter of those who took part in the research believe that managers are trying to maintain the upper hand by keeping hold of information.

This drove over half of the respondents (52 per cent) to try to find information for themselves.

Benefits of effective communication

This attitude to internal corporate communications, humorously referred to as ‘mushroom management’ (“kept in the dark, fed on . . .”), leaves employees working without a fully-formed understanding of the bigger picture.

However, a management team that communicates effectively with all staff members can demonstrably increase efficiency and productivity across the business. 50 per cent of employees said that they would work better if they received news on the business on a regular basis and as soon as it was available.

This clearly illustrates that the phrase ‘no news is good news’ is not an effective approach. Employees need to have a clear picture as to how the company is performing in order to contextualise their activities and to remain motivated, productive – and on-board.

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