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Are you tired of arranging face-to-face interviews? This video app may help

A firm in Sunderland has launched a new video interviewing app which it claims is set to transform recruitment

The app, which is already in use within some blue chip organisations, gives recruiters the ability to assess candidates before inviting them to a formal interview.

Shine CEO David Copple, hopes that the new interview technology will help to reduce the time-consuming elements of recruitment, saving clients thousands of pounds in the process.

The candidate responses can be assessed at any time, allowing for individual evaluation. This obviates the need to organise time with other hiring managers or to arrange interview panels with the added burden of co-ordinating multiple diaries.

The app is cloud-based and is thus supported by any device. Candidates can respond to questions remotely from their mobile, PC or tablet.

They can be interviewed in real time or within a set time frame and the app allows them to upload a CV and to create an introductory video. The questions are pre-set, ensuring that all candidates are on a level playing field. Their responses are subsequently assessed and feedback is given once the interview has been evaluated.

The technology is expected to appeal most to businesses recruiting for customer-facing and contact centre roles, as this industry is already moving towards video technology and teleconferencing as a means by which to make contact with a variety of stakeholders, including customers.

Copple set up the business after spending years as a Technical Director, recruiting executive, technical and volume roles. He developed the idea out of frustration with the hours spent managing diaries to agree interview dates and the wastage associated with interviewing unsuitable candidates.

He believes that the app is fully scalable and that it should “take the pain out of recruitment” for client businesses, in addition to being practical for candidates. Shine has already had some expression of interest from firms in the US and India, in addition to its domestic market in the UK.

This certainly represents a new approach to the interview process, leveraging current technology and reflecting the way in which so many of us now communicate and network, both personally and professionally.

Developed with a team of 5 over the past 6 months, the app is available in three tiers, reflecting differing organisational hiring needs.

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