LinkedIn ‘Cheat Sheet’ Helps Candidates Boost their Social Media Image

By Lauren Holden of LeisureJobs

The often gruelling, job searching process can be a daunting one, which is why the forward-thinking team at LeisureJobs have compiled a handy resource for those looking for work.

The site – which lists close to 10,000 roles in the leisure industry has put together The Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet to help people boost their social media image in a bid to get a job.

Combining seven simple steps, the clever guide is well laid out and easy to follow. When it comes to creating the perfect LinkedIn profile to maximise candidates’ visibility, it all starts with a great headline.

Those with a fully-optimised LinkedIn profile are up to 40 times more likely to receive a job opportunity via the site, which means it really does make sense that candidate put the advice into action.

Candidates are advised to put a lot of thought into the headline, optimising it for in-built LinkedIn SEO in order to appear higher in its own search. When done correctly, it should also give those looking for a new opportunity a better chance of being found via Google, too.

Customisation of candidates’ personal URLs will also mean an improved chance of being spotted via the social network; the URL can be found in the light-grey box below the user’s name.

Leisure Jobs also advises that those on the lookout for a career change think about the picture they use on LinkedIn – asking themselves: ‘does it really sell my unique skills or abilities’? Adding a professional profile photo to LinkedIn results in 14 times more views, according to research carried out by the leisure roles site.

The team behind the infographic also discusses the importance of ensuring candidates’ LinkedIn summaries do the best job of selling them.

Laying out some tips on what to say and how to say it, this section of the infographic is undoubtedly the most important. Buzzwords are out, to be replaced by relevant keywords – find out more by clicking the link to the infographic, above.

Video clips and links to resumes and past work experience are also worth adding into LinkedIn profiles, according to LeisureJobs. Finally, endorsements are absolutely key to a good LinkedIn profile – and to help candidates achieve the ‘100% Profile Strength’ accolade in the back end of the site.

The full infographic and its handy tips can be viewed here:

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