Startups can recruit more effectively with digital interviews

Read on to find out how digital interviews can achieve this for your startup

If hiring the most talented staff by using a recruitment process that is faster, more streamlined and saves money in the process sounds appealing.

Speeding things up

Many large companies are already using online platforms such as HireVue to manage the early part of their recruitment process, allowing candidates to submit their initial applications, fill in questionnaires and send in their CVs. Such solutions claim to offer faster turnaround times, helping to fill vacancies effectively and ensuring that fewer underperforming staff are hired.

Hiring virtually

Not only can video interviews help you to speed things up but also there are other huge benefits. No matter how awesome your company may be, some people are not going to be able to travel to your premises for an interview. If you are based in London and your ideal candidate is in Edinburgh, or Auckland, or indeed anywhere else in the world, digital interviews may be the only way in which you can proceed.

Using a tool such as Skype will not only save everyone involved a fortune in travel expenses but also provides you with the opportunity to recruit from a wider pool of talent, giving you a much greater chance of finding your company’s next superstar.

Online video interviews are also a great way to hire a virtual workforce to work for your company remotely. Remote workforces can allow you to access talent pools that you would not otherwise be able to take advantage of and are a particularly great option for small businesses and startups, as freelancers are often happy to work on smaller, short-term contracts. In this way you can hire the expertise when you need it, potentially saving a significant amount of money along the way.

Online evaluations

Another method of using digital tools to enhance your recruitment process is through online evaluation questionnaires and recruitment tests. These are available through myriad online providers; alternatively, you can create your own resources by using free tools such as Google Docs, enabling you to slim down your list of potential employees early in the recruitment process. This can potentially save you both time and money by allowing you to reach the shortlist stage much sooner and target your recruitment efforts exclusively at the most suitable and talented candidates.

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