Tech giants top list for recruiting and retaining talent

According to LinkedIn’s Top Attractor list, technology-based organisations have become the workplaces of choice..

There is a never-ending cycle in recruitment that continually shifts the balance between an employees’ market and an employers’ market. When this shift is focussed on an employees’ market and they have control, where do they want to work? According to LinkedIn’s Top Attractor list, technology-based organisations have become the workplaces of choice, with many in the job market vying for jobs at Facebook, Apple, Google, Salesforce and Amazon.

To formulate this list, LinkedIn compiles and analyses data from its 433 million users. This information, which includes job adverts, applications and new engagement notices, is then measured and compared across all global companies to accumulate the results.

LinkedIn’s research found that technological organisations such as Microsoft and Twitter have not only proven themselves to be the most in-demand workplaces but are also considered the best at retaining their talented workforce.

To many in the job market, this information won’t come as a surprise. As technology now dictates and impacts almost every element of our domestic and commercial worlds, the employee pool is starting to realise that it wants to work for companies with the power to bring about change.

Although a highly-competitive industry, the tech world has changed for its new generation of employees. What was once seen as a boring analytical and data-heavy job specification is now a creative, social and evolving working environment. Instead of being competitive within their organisations, the tech giants of the world promote the collaboration of ideas and the ideology of speaking up and sharing your opinions – something that is often frowned upon in more traditional industries such as manufacturing.

As adopted by many of the top brands, including Google, tech companies treat their staff exceptionally well and have a keen focus on fun. This is something many other industries have forgotten in the 9-5 slog.

The founders are still running the majority of the organisations featured in the top 20 of LinkedIn’s Top Attractors list. This is a huge motivator for aspiring employees, who view it as inspiring and believe they will be valued in a company where the mission is clear and is not money-driven.

After such turmoil in the job market, many employees want a stable environment with brands they can trust and know have a future.

At a time when many industries have chosen to cut staff benefits in a bid to save money, tech companies have often invested highly in these values; for example, they offer longer parental leave and extended holiday, thus creating a stronger work-life balance.

Employees want and need to feel appreciated and there are many theories advocating treating them well; in the end, this will increase efficiency and boost staff morale.

Whilst it is unfortunate in this day and age that no job is ever truly for life, employees are looking for engaging roles in which they are immediately financially and socially rewarded. This is something technological organisations can provide.

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