Using Social Media to Recruit

Social media is a brilliant way for HR departments to cast wide nets and attract top talent

Whether you’re posting jobs on Twitter, broadening your Facebook likes, or using Instagram to advertise jobs, there’s no doubt that social media is a brilliant way for HR departments to cast wide nets and attract top talent. In 2015, a survey of 2,000+ Americans published by Pew Research Center found that:

  • 54% used the web to source job information.
  • 79% made use of online resources when looking for jobs.
  • 35% of those who use social media have also used it to research or look for jobs.

Given the above stats, the so-called “Big Four” social media sites – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter – should reel in top talent. You’ll only see results, however, if you use these platforms the right way. Here are some of the biggest social media strategies that you need to get right:

LinkedIn – lose yourself in the maze

Use LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search to dig deeper into its network. To access it, click Advanced on the right of the Search bar on the home page. Then use area or job title to create a list of potential candidates. Next, click on each person’s page and check out the “People also viewed” bar to draw up another list of potential prospects. Finally, be sure to seek out and network with “influencers” – these are people who aren’t necessarily suited to the role on offer but have impressive networks that could be of use.

Facebook – up your game

You’ll need to spend some money to make sure your posts are getting in front of top talent on Facebook. To get the most out of Facebook, be prepared to spend money on boosting your best jobs – focus on demographics that will likely match you with relevant candidates, and their spouses.

Consider also investing some money in a “like” campaign that incorporates pay-per-click as this will help your company page build a solid following. You can also try promoting your page to:

Individuals who match geographical criteria for certain jobs
People with comparable profiles to other top talent, or those with relevant job titles
If you have one, your email list of potential candidates

Twitter – vary your content

It’s a big mistake to have your Twitter account look like a never-ending jobs page! You need to build interest in and keep people engaged with your content and your account. Consider posting fun facts about your organisation or news from your industry to keep things fresh.

Instagram – keep it visual

Instagram is a visual social media platform, so try not to get too wordy with your posts. Engage your audience by:

  • Getting creative – focus on the most prominent element of your job and upload an image that portrays it.
  • Being bold – share visually interesting and unexpected images (but make sure they’re within your brand guidelines).
  • Making the most of Instagram’s features – create original hashtags relevant to your company, include captions with your images, and point people to your jobs page or website.
  • Mixing it up – you need to post a range of content to keep people engaged with your account, for example you could post a “sneak peak” of what it’s like to work for your company.

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