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Creative new ways recruiters are using to grab top talent

Many recruiters are adopting a less formal approach, including venturing into the world of social media

Once upon a time, recruiters looking to fill a position relied on stilted cover letters and over-inflated resumes to create a shortlist of suitable candidates. While this may still feature in the recruiting and HR industry, it is no longer the go-to approach; instead, many recruiters are adopting a less formal approach, including venturing into the world of social media, to access the most talented people around.

This new method involves utilising several unusual and even groundbreaking techniques that are changing the face of recruiting forever.

Job ads with no titles

Often referred to as ‘open-ended’, this type of job ad is vague on concrete description, which is thought to deter applicants who feel they would not be a good fit. While this may sound like a recipe for disaster, in practice it can reveal some unlikely yet highly suitable prospects.

At the very least, this method removes the need for candidates to massage their individual life history and experience into the ‘essential criteria’ that application forms often demand.

Remote interviewing

There is no need to budget for travel expenses when potential candidates can be interviewed online. Skype, Facebook and Google+ are just three of the various free chat/call providers around. It is much easier to get a feel for people though a video chat and this approach is great for screening shortlisted applicants before real-time interview are scheduled.

Virtual networking

It costs time and money to staff a booth at a face-to-face networking event or job fair and while the benefits of attending are huge, they are not always financially justifiable. Instead, many modern recruiters prioritise attending online events, using these for everything from long-term recruitment to temporary aid.

Exploit social media

There are endless benefits and advantages to utilising social media when recruiting. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are based on the principle of sharing, so exploit this by posting quality content based on information, job ads, or topics to engage discussion.

Computer search tools

Spending hours searching through manual records to retrieve applicants’ details drains resources and is unnecessary when computer software enables you to search a database for keywords or sort applicants into categories. Using big data streamlines the recruiting process by eliminating hours of research, leaving the recruiter free to do their job more efficiently.

Use online tools

From informal chatting and pre-screening through platforms such as Google Hangouts to personality or skills tests, the most successful recruiters use everything they can to choose the best people for the best roles.

Staying current with trends in recruitment

It is vital that recruiters are aware of exactly how a company hires to enable them to put forward excellent candidates. Constant monitoring is necessary to stay ahead of this game; for example, there would be no point recruiting someone for a job where formal clothes were banned if their personal identity revolves around wearing a suit every day.

These techniques reflect the changing nature of employment recruiting in the UK and are especially useful for anyone asked to get involved in this process.

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