Five more of the best careers in the tech industry

As in the previous article, the salary quoted for each post does not include any bonuses or additional benefits

Jobs and recruiting site Glassdoor recently surveyed people working in the tech industry to find out which they rated as the best jobs, taking into account salary level, number of posts available and the ‘career opportunity’ each job offered. Some of you, especially those involved in HR or recruitment for technology posts, may have read our recent article about the five most popular jobs in tech; this post continues with the next five.

10 –  Software architect. This person is responsible for designing large, complex software systems or for how these systems are deployed in an enterprise. With a median base salary level of $130,000 (around £104,000), this job is relatively well paid; however, there were few such posts available at the time of the survey (653). The job has a satisfaction rating of 4.2 and offers career development prospects at level 3.4.

9 –  UX designer. UX stands for ‘user experience’; therefore, this individual is responsible for ensuring the customer interface of the software succeeds. With a salary level of $91,800 (£73,000), this post has a satisfaction rating of 4.3 and its career development prospects are rated at 3.6. This is quite a specialist role, with relatively few available posts (863).

8 – QA (quality assurance) manager – the person who ensures the software does what it has been designed to do. This has a median base salary of $85,000 (£68,000) and a satisfaction score of 4.4. The career development prospects are rated at 3.4 and there were 3,749 available posts.

7 – Software development manager, a broad-ranging role that deals with the management of software development projects. The salary level for this role is $135,000 (£108,000), its satisfaction rating is 4.4, and the career development prospects for this role are 3.4. There were 1,199 available roles of this description.

6 – with a satisfaction rating of 4.5, is the career of analytics manager. This is the person who manages analytics software and processes – software that helps companies to answer business questions by sifting through a big data cache or database. The median base salary level for this role is $105,000 (£84,000), career development prospects are moderate at 3.7, and there were fewer openings available (982).

If one of these roles crops up, you will be able to tell your client how popular they are, how well they are paid, and what implications they might have for the candidate’s career.

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