10 of the biggest tech tipping points predicted before 2030

These predictions have been gathered by the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software & Society

Technology moves so quickly that it is almost impossible to believe that many people grew up before computers were in everyday use, with the next wave of technologies tipped to become mainstream by 2030 seeming positively futuristic! Here are 10 of the biggest technologies predicted to have their tipping point in the next 13 years.

Prediction 1

90% of people will have unlimited and free access to data storage in the next two years, making digital all the more ubiquitous and facilitating the consumption of rich content. This will put an end to the tiresome job of deleting files and means that more data can be consumed, shared and stored.

Prediction 2

The US will have its first robotic pharmacist, building on the automation progress already made in the manufacturing sector.

Prediction 3

By 2022, the internet will connect to a trillion sensors, making a total communications infrastructure and helping to take the so-called ‘internet of things’ forward into our everyday lives.

Prediction 4

By 2022, 10% of the global population will be wearing internet-connected clothing and using connected appliances, cars and more. This will extend the current wave of connected accessories, such as rings and watches, and allow users to have their biodata tracked and carry out other integrated lifestyle functions.

Prediction 5

The first 3D printed car will be made in the next five years. The first wave of printers is already becoming increasingly powerful and more complex and auto manufacturers are beginning to use them to print individual car parts. Audi is one brand leading the way in this area and moving towards a whole car production model from a 3D printer.

Prediction 6

By 2025, the first wave of implanted mobile phones will be available, tracking user health and allowing non-verbal communication! These will build on the heart monitoring and cochineal implants that are already being used to report user data back to medical monitoring facilities.

Prediction 7

The government census will eventually be replaced by big data and technologies that facilitate this kind of information gathering. The respondents believe that the first government would do this by 2023.

Prediction 8

In the same year, tech workers believe that one-tenth of all reading glasses will be internet connected, to optimise reader experience and even allow for augmented reality.

Prediction 9

A whopping eight out of ten people in the world will have a digital presence in the next six years! This will reflect how closely integrated digital experiences will become with our physical lives.

Prediction 10

In 2023, the government will trial its first collection of taxes using blockchain – the mechanism that allows payment in digital currencies such as Bitcoin and acts as a vast ledger that anyone can inspect. 2023 is expected to be the tipping point for this technology.

Are there any other technologies that you would be prepared to gamble on reaching a tipping point by 2030?

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