Follow these tips to get your digital marketing right in 2017

Digital marketing changes and evolves every year, but change is not necessarily a bad thing

Companies can embrace change so that they stay ahead of the curve while improving their marketing skills. Many experts predict big changes in certain areas over the next year, especially within influencer marketing, so check out these seven tips to help you get your digital marketing right in 2017.

Focus on influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is very successful and companies that already use influencer marketing will see increased revenue and growth. On the other hand, companies that do not use influencer marketing may notice decreased revenue and growth. Combine influencer marketing with digital marketing to see positive results in 2017.

Be aware that marketing technology will become cheaper and more accessible

Marketing technology was once expensive and only used by the biggest brands and companies. Many smaller brands saw marketing technology as an expensive and unpredictable strain on their resources, but this may be about to change. Marketing technology will be more accessible to smaller brands in 2017, meaning they will find it easier to compete with bigger brands.

Celebrity endorsements will seem less sincere

Celebrity endorsements have become a very popular way to advertise in recent years. Moving from the television to social media, consumers can now find thousands of celebrities online endorsing various products, from weight loss tea to gym wear. As a result, celebrity endorsements will seem less sincere in 2017 and the authenticity of their claims will be questioned; after all, most people do not believe that celebrities wear £3 gym clothes!

Marketers should focus on building campaigns based on an influencer’s audience

Rather than focusing on influencers similar to their target consumer, marketers will start to build campaigns that focus on the influencer’s audience: how old they are, where they live, what they are interested in. This will increase their revenue, as they will be targeting an audience more likely to be interested.

Authentic conversation will become a priority

Niche-focused companies and brands will continue to thrive in 2017 and other brands will try to recreate their marketing tactics. Marketers will realise that an engaged audience and genuine conversations are more effective than using a social media star or celebrity with a large following.

Companies need to join offline and online actions

Many companies are effective at advertising online but do not see an improvement in revenue and growth. In 2017, they will focus on making a link between consumers’ online and offline actions so that the company can grow.

B2B marketing will embrace influencer marketing

B2B marketers will also start to use influencer marketing to target their customers. This is likely to be very effective, as purchasing decisions are made by people who often trust celebrities more than brands.

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