Looking for a new job? How to look great online

Turning your online profiles into shop windows for recruiters could help you win your dream job

You’ve perfected your CV and filled out the application forms, but have you checked your social media profiles, to see how you come across to potential employers?

According to a survey by Hired, a staggering eight out of ten people say that they find changing jobs more stressful than moving house or planning a wedding.

According to Darain Faraz of LinkedIn, there are a number of elements of our online lives that job seekers aren’t using correctly. The first is to upload a decent profile picture – a small detail that makes people 14 times more likely to be viewed.

The content you’re sharing is also a key factor, if you want to be noticed. As a nation, we’re more likely to share a photo of a great pizza we’ve eaten or a cute video of a kitten than we are to shout about our work successes and promotions. Making your content consistently professional, and something you’d be happy to share with your employer, is a must, not just on LinkedIn but across your social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you do want to make your content impress your ideal employer, follow the organisations you’d like to work for and share their updates. If, one day, they are looking across your social media channels to assess you as a potential candidate, you’ll show that your interest is genuine. It’s also great to initiate professional networking conversations, which you should make time to do each day if you want to get the most from your online job search.

It’s not just about making your content professional – make it creative as well. LinkedIn has about 20 million UK members, which is roughly 60% of Britain’s working population and students, so it’s a big market to stand out in. It’s a market that’s expanding too, and Facebook has recently launched Workplace to its 1 billion monthly users. Whilst it’s currently only an in-house system for workers to talk to one another, if expanded, it could be become a serious contender to LinkedIn. Being creative and innovative on your online profiles and online networking sites can help you make a big impact wherever you are.

Whilst making your online world as employer-friendly as possible can only be a positive when searching for a new job or career path, it’s no substitute for good knowledge, commitment and passion, so keep that at the forefront of your mind, as you set about updating your online profiles.

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