A fresh outlook on job hunting online

Being jobless can be a situation that offers no clear way out

There are sometimes no obvious ways to get back into the world of employment. More than half a year out of work, according to Northeastern University, means you could see far fewer interviews than someone freshly unemployed, regardless of skill set.

That doesn’t have to mean doom and gloom on the horizon – if you can reboot your employment profile. Remember, stating that you’re unemployed does you no favours. Your previous job title is still what you are, so sell that instead. Make yourself easy to find on the web. Follow these simple solutions, and make search engine optimization (SEO) techniques your new friend.

Get into their minds

Understand what terms employers use to describe your desired post, and add them to your LinkedIn and Twitter profile. Be sure to update any outdated job descriptions, to show you are very up to the minute. Once you’ve done this, be sure to update your CV, too.

Search for the “real you”

Even though you may feel that you are as clean as a whistle, there may just be a namesake online who could jeopardise any chance you have of landing that position. There are countless examples online of jobseekers being rejected for work, only to find out later that someone with the same name, in the same town, had been in trouble with the law. Be sure to check frequently, using your name in inverted commas to do a Google search. Also, consider using a middle initial in your online profile if you have popular name.

LinkedIn is your friend

Make sure you treat LinkedIn that way, pay it regular visits and let it know what you’ve been up to. Make sure you have a current job title there, otherwise your profile may fall to the bottom of the pile, when being searched for by prospective employers. As mentioned before, keep up to date with all the jargon your sector has, and be sure to feature it on your page.

Know your onions? Broadcast it!

Having an online blog related to your industry works wonders when stumbled upon by employers. It shows great initiative, and in their eyes, shows you are doing something worthwhile whilst you are redundant.

Other ways are SlideShare or creating a podcast, both of which can be linked to your LinkedIn profile. The body of industry-specific knowledge you garner will be an invaluable asset when pitted against other candidates, and may just provide the key to swing things in your favour.

Help out

Volunteer wherever needed. Try and link it in some way to your line of work. Don’t shun giving up your time. According to researchers at Deloitte, too many people underestimate voluntary work on CVs.

Never give up

Remember that so many people like you are also job hunting. Don’t be disheartened by it all. Seek to join job seeker groups, where you may find great advice and support. It is very easy to lose motivation and become overwhelmed, but among others in a similar situation, you may just find it easier to change your mindset into a more positive one.

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