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The tech jobs that pay the biggest salaries

Here are some of the most recent skills that will land you the best jobs with the most attractive salaries

Technical skills are always in demand in these technology-driven days, and none more so than IT skills that can be applied in most areas. The good news is that if you have good IT skills, you will almost always be in demand – and your wage will be a comparatively high one.

The bad news, however, is that as technology is always changing – at a fast pace – you need to keep updating your skills to appeal to the best employers and stay ahead of the game. Those who choose a career in IT must therefore be aware of the need to constantly check out the latest trends and applications.

Cloud computing

Everyone has heard of ‘the cloud,’ but not many laymen and women understand it. Those with the skills to work with cloud computing are now in high demand as more and more companies learn how to utilise these storage and sharing facilities.


This is the name of the cloud computing service offered by computer giant Microsoft. As the world and his wife uses Microsoft, understanding Azure is a bonus for any IT professional and will gain you a high salary in the right position.


A kind of database, Cassandra was instigated by Facebook and is now widely used by a huge number of big companies, including Instagram, Apple, eBay, Netflix and Spotify. Its databases can deal with massive amounts of data, spread out across a number of servers for efficiency.

Big data

This is the name given to a list of different technologies that let firms store massive amounts of data from a number of different sources in an affordable and effective way. Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to manage, organise and run these systems; therefore, anyone well versed in their operation will be in constant demand.


Another of the top-end systems being developed to analyse data, Spark is the subject of a £300m investment by computer giant IBM. It has been hailed as one of the most significant projects currently in existence.


This is a way of gaining information from big data platform Hadoop, which is a software designed to store data across low-cost servers. The skills to manage and organise Hive and other such technology are currently much sought-after.

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