Tips for Using Google+ for Recruitment

If you’re not using Google+ for recruiting here are three ways to use it - as it can be a great source for…

Whilst Google+ accounts are no longer automatically created when signing up for a Gmail account, Google+ can still be a great source to find potential candidates – particularly if you’re in the technology sector.  If you’re not using Google+ for recruiting here are three ways to use it.


Circles are a great way to separate your clients and candidates. Having separate groups that you can push targeted content to specific groups of people. You can set privacy levels so that users may not be able to see a list of the others in your circles, which adds a level of privacy that is not available on other platforms.


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Separate your candidates into location, experience, skill sets or however you see fit. This way highly targeted jobs, messages and updates can be shared only to that group – if you have a group of web developers you can then share web development jobs to that specific group only. That way you’re not spamming other users who would have no intention of applying.

Likewise you can send updates specifically targeted to clients or potential clients who are following you. The separation can offer a more personalised approach as only content that is related to the group would be sent.


Another way to use Google+ is their multi person video chatting feature: Hangouts. Having the ability to have a video conference for up to 10 people, it can be a great alternative to Skype.

Hangouts can be used as a way to interview candidates; whether they have a webcam or not they can connect to a Hangout. Hiring managers can also be included to watch the interviews, without requiring a webcam, and senior recruiters can watch trainee recruiters and be able to give feedback afterwards.

Recording the interviews can be a great way to gain feedback for trainee recruiters or candidates after the interview takes place. Replaying the interview you can give advice on where recruiters or candidates can improve on their interview skills.

Hangouts can also be used as a promotional tool as well. Create and promote a Hangout to give advice to potential candidates and get your brand and name noticed to top candidates. As the Hangout can be broadcast to many users, above the original 10 user limit, it can be a good way to increase visibility of your company.


Communities are similar to LinkedIn groups and should be used in a similar way. Communities allow discussion for like minded people and can be a good way to gain visibility and source new candidates.

Search for communities that are related to your placements and sector. If there are none related to jobs then consider creating one and adding advice and content that candidates would find useful. If current communities have already been set up then join them and become active. Comment, share information and become a source of knowledge that will bring candidates back to your company page and jobs.

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