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Think outside the box with these surprising interview tips

In today's saturated job market, the pressure to land your dream job has never been greater

Here are some interview tips that you may not have thought of. 

Utilise technology

It is wise to do a little research on the company you are interviewing for prior to the meeting, with a clear understanding of its core aims and objectives crucial if you want to persuade the company that you would like to work there.

As technology evolves, you really need to be going past the company’s homepage if you want to showcase relevant and up-to-date knowledge. Read blog posts, news stories – Google Alerts can update you with current news – and check out its latest figures and social media pages.

On the subject of social media, make sure yours is free of any incriminating information. The majority of employers are thought to check potential candidates’ Twitter and Facebook pages, so do not miss out on an opportunity as the result of unprofessional statuses or images. You can even download apps that detect and remove any photos that could be classed as unsavoury.

Timing is everything

You might not get the opportunity to pick your interview time; however, if you do, you should avoid Mondays and Fridays when employers are either busy gearing up for the week or starting to wind down. Experts advise that early morning slots usually yield the most successful candidates, with 10:30am on a Tuesday one of the best times to opt for if you are given the chance.

Show personality

Do not be afraid to show a little personality in your interview. You will almost certainly be asked about your ‘story’ in relation to the role – rather than focusing solely on your professional achievements, think a little more personally about why you want the job and what it means to you.

You could also express your personality through your choice of outfit – nothing too wacky, but small details can make for good talking points and can help an employer to remember you.

Share your weaknesses

Most interviewers will ask you about weaknesses and this is an area that it can be tempting to skim over or answer disingenuously. See this question as an opportunity to explore your weaknesses truthfully and explain to your interviewer how you are proactively planning to overcome them.

Not only will this make you appear an honest and credible candidate but also it shows your problem-solving abilities.

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    Thank you very much for such an interesting article. I think that these tips will alleviate the process of hiring. It can be useful for both manager and candidate. To my point of view, the director of the company have to track and learn what benefits the organization offers versus what appeals most to certain candidates. In this case it`ll be visible what need to be changed and what improved.

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    Interviews in India are quite outdated. I gave my first interview way back in 2012 and since than I have appeared in numerous interview and still the story is same. The HR person don’t come up with something new and it feels like they lack imagination.

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