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Why coding is still the most important future job

Coding can be used in many different industries, from the technology sector to the business sector and healthcare sector

Coding is just as important as it ever was; in fact, eight of the top 25 jobs for 2017 are technology positions that require some level of coding.

The positions are varied across a few industries, showing how versatile coding is. If you have a coding qualification, you could find yourself working for an IT company, but you could also find yourself working for an automotive company or even an online clothes website!

Coding skills have been in demand for years. In 2015, seven million jobs in the UK required coding skills; now, the programming jobs industry is growing at a rate that is over 10% faster than the current market average.

This is very interesting, especially during a time when many industries are seeing a fall in demand. It is also worth noting that half these positions are within industries outside technology, showing how the demand for coding has increased across industries that previously did not require coders.

Popular coding jobs in 2017

If you are interested in working in the coding industry, there are a few main areas of work that you can consider. These jobs include information technology workers, engineers, scientists, data analysts, designers and artists. This shows how broad the job spectrum is for people with qualifications in coding.

What skills do you require to be a coder? If you can use a computer program to create instructions for the computer, you have the skills necessary for many of these roles. There are a few different computer programs that can be used, from JavaScript and HTML to statistical programs SAS and R.

Coding as a skill

Due to the high demand for coders, coding has become a core skill that can vastly increase someone’s chance of finding a successful, well-paid career. Coding has always been a fairly well-paid industry, and today there are many entry-level coding jobs that pay over £20,000 per year. This is ideal for graduates who want to get on the career ladder as soon as they finish university.

There is also lots of potential to grow in your career as a coder, with almost 50 per cent of jobs that pay more than $58,000 (£44,500) per year requiring some level of coding skills.

Are you interested in starting a career in coding? If so, some of the most in-demand coding jobs include JavaScript web development, XML general purpose coding, Linux computer system operations, C++-general purpose programming, and Python general purpose programming.

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