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Lifograph, a Crowdsourced Networking Platform, Launches the Public Beta Version of Its ‘Wiki of People’

So far, Lifograph has catalogued 600,000 connections and this year is planning on adding a few hundreds of thousands more

Lifograph, a wiki based online networking platform for businesses and professionals, is officially opening its beta version to the public. On Lifograph, beta users are able to explore and add information to the wikis of 500,000 profiles of people and companies. In addition, users are able to showcase their accomplishments and visualize their real-life connections in a network graph, up to several degrees of separation. So far, Lifograph has catalogued 600,000 connections and this year is planning on adding a few hundreds of thousands more.

Lifograph’s current beta platform is focusing mostly on the entrepreneurs, investors and companies in Silicon Valley and tech. However, as the platform matures, Lifograph aims to build the world’s largest ‘Wiki of People’ and expand into other geographies, industries and demographics. Lifograph is also planning on allowing people to connect and network online.

“Many people need deeper information about key players and businesses in their industry for sales, fundraising, recruiting, job leads or to just build their networks,” said Déa Wilson, founder of Lifograph. “With Lifograph, anyone can find the right people to do business with, based on skills, experience, interests and real-life relationships. It’s all about the people. That’s how business gets done.”

Users will have quick access to curated information from publicly available sources, without having to manually search through thousands of search engine results. Information about people’s track records, skills, interests, relationships, and other relevant information is further enhanced by crowdsourcing, via Lifograph’s wiki model, which will provide the most robust and efficient source of information available in one place.

“This is an early beta,” Wilson said. “We’re constantly adding information to our platform and tweaking our search algorithms to allow people to discover new networks and be discovered by others. We encourage everyone to dive into our platform, add and edit information, give us feedback, and of course, showcase their own accomplishments and the people who have helped them along the way.”

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