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Are you missing this perk from your list of employee benefits?

Here is why doing just that could benefit you

If you thought that your company offered all the perks an employee could want, then the latest research on workplace perks could come as quite a surprise.

Not only are employees now keen to listen to music while they work, figures show that they are also perform better when they are allowed to physically play music themselves at work.

Here is why doing just that could benefit you.

1. It makes them more productive

Music has been proven by neuroscientists to have many positive effects on the brain, including stimulating both the analytical (left) side and the creative (right) side of the brain.

By working out both parts of the brain at once, it enables individuals to undertake more imaginative problem solving, while also bringing more focus to creative activities.

2. It makes them happier

Give them expensive pool tables, subsidised food, endless tea and coffee supplies and regular social events… but it seems that what really pleases the majority is the idea of being able to express themselves musically.

As it happens, the act of playing music releases pleasure hormones called endorphins, which in turn relieves stress so, scientifically, this is a very viable proposition.

3. It improves relationships

The power of music is even stronger when there is group participation. Just like music itself, taking a range of instruments and sounds can create perfect harmonies. Even people with very differing tastes and styles in music can bond over the sociable activity.

Many people admit to feeling quite lonely in the workplace,so music is a great way of bringing people with little in common together.

4. It makes you stand out from the rest

While this point is predominantly about your company and how being a good employer makes you feel, your reputation still has direct relevance to your employees. In the same way that happy employees equal better employees, having happy employees makes for a better business. By being a forward-thinking establishment, you can attract even more of the best talent and thrive within your sector.

5. It is cheap to do

As you can see, the introduction of music in the office can do wonders for your organisation. It’s relatively cheap to introduce too (far cheaper than paying towards gym memberships for your entire team, for example), and you do not need to splash out on pricey items.

The main objective of this new-generation perk is to ensure that all your employers are able to participate in the activity, so why not think about introducing timeouts for playing music collectively or organising concerts in the workplace for those who wish to take part.

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