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Will a robot really take your job?

Could the appearance of robots actually create opportunity for those willing to adapt to the new era?

Once just the concern of B-movies from the 1970s, it’s now become a serious worry for some folk, as robots are able to deliver what humans have been doing for years. 

Check your value

Look at what you do – could it all really be done by a robot? Some roles, such as care-giving, are reportedly going to be handed over to robots, but can they really provide the emotional and personal care that a human can? Can a robot manage the nuances of balancing the differing opinions in your workplace that you handle so well? Look at what you do and make sure that when the time comes, your business cannot function without what you bring to the table as a human. If, on the other hand you can look at your role and say yes, a robot could easily do what I am doing, then it’s simple – you need to get a new job.

Love what you do and gain new skills

Ideally, you should already be working in a role that you love, as this will essentially mean that you perform better within that role. Secondly, learn as many new skills as you can when the opportunities arise.

This means that whilst AI may be able to take over some of your workload, you will have adapted to be able to carry out new activities for your workplace. According to Dell, 85% of the jobs that will be available in 2020 don’t even exist yet, so gaining new skills and adapting with the times is key to staying in employment.

Make AI work for you

Always remember that AI has only been invented to make our lives better and more productive, so make sure it’s working for you. Make use of AI to carry out some of your own work, essentially making you, as an individual employee, appear more productive. This means making use of your smartphone apps and cloud-based productivity assistants. Knowledge of ever-changing technology doesn’t shut you out of the workplace, it makes you more employable.

As you can see, you only need to start worrying about a robot taking your job if you rest on your laurels. Make AI work for you by using it to improve your productivity, whilst freeing you up to adapt to the changing world, gain new skills and really understand what personal and human value you bring to your company.

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