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The fastest-growing sectors for employment in the UK

Many companies are looking to increase their staff numbers, with 51 per cent keen to expand over the next year

Some sectors are especially eager to grow their business, with cybersecurity, construction and fintech all areas of spectacular growth. These look set to continue to offer the most new jobs to job seekers.


Fintech is one of the fastest-growing areas and one in which many employers are looking for contract employees rather than staff members. The main reason for this is that there are lots of shorter-term projects. This industry moves so quickly in terms of new growth areas that the companies are looking for experts in particular niche fields.

The number of job vacancies in the fintech industry has grown steadily and looks set to grow by over five per cent in the coming months. With so many new areas of expertise arriving all the time, including new investment opportunities with online platforms, robo advisers to help with the automatic diversification of investments and peer-to-peer lending from niche online companies, there are many growing areas that require specialist knowledge. People with skills such as data science will be in particularly high demand over the next year in the fintech industry.


The construction industry is also experiencing strong growth, with 51 per cent more jobs in this area than last year. There are signals that this huge growth will continue next year; however, there is much uncertainty in this area and skills shortages, with Brexit causing disruption. There are always new projects in construction, and demand for staff is high.

As there has been a fall in net migration, businesses in the construction industry are finding it hard to fill urgent roles. This means the market is more open to new recruits. The uncertainty over Brexit looks set to continue into next year, so there should be plenty of employment opportunities for a while yet.

Information technology

The IT industry is growing every month, with 81 per cent of recruitment agencies believing that the rise will continue next year. One of the main areas in which businesses are recruiting is cybersecurity, as companies need IT experts to combat the increasing threat of cybercrime. There are so many special skills needed in this area that it is hard for businesses to find the right talent.

The shortage of staff means this is a good time both for job seekers and for agencies looking to recruit. Businesses within the tech industry look set to continue growing next year; in fact, this is tipped to be the hottest industry for growth and recruitment.

This information on employment opportunities is useful to job seekers looking for their next opportunity. It is also useful to those seeking to upskill from their current role or to enter a new profession. With the growth in such differently-weighted areas, people may also find opportunities for a brand-new career.

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