Airbus takes apprentices to new heights with a record number of placements for 2019

Airbus, which took on 479 apprentices and interns in 2018, is set to break this record in 2019 by 34 per cent

As we move into 2019, Airbus has recently announced that it will offer a record number of placements through its graduate, intern and apprentice programmes in the coming year.

Airbus is always looking to attract and find the very best talent the UK has to offer to help the aerospace giant to remain the global leader. The opportunities offered by Airbus give young people an incredible first step on their path to an exciting and rewarding career in this exciting industry.

Airbus, which took on 479 apprentices and interns in 2018, is set to break this record in 2019 by 34 per cent. The company has confirmed that its opportunities in 2019 will be available in defence, helicopters, and commercial aircraft. Airbus has the long game in its business mind – attracting the most talented young people helps to ensure the long-term future of the company.

Airbus secures its future engineers, crafters and designers by offering attractive packages to young people. It trains them, takes care of their tuition fees, and pays them a salary. For young people entering the job market, such opportunities and job security are especially sought-after.

Airbus offers two routes through its apprenticeships, which are based at both the Broughton and Filton sites. The first route is a graduate apprenticeship whereby Airbus pays tuition fees for the candidates at university before they graduate into Airbus employment, while the second route is a craft apprenticeship whereby a national diploma is earned while the candidates work at Airbus. Both offer excellent work experience, a salary, and the potential for a long-term and rewarding career with Airbus.

With air travel and the aerospace industries – including communication satellites – becoming a larger part of our everyday lives year on year, a career at Airbus is a solid and reliable choice. Airbus is a global leader and offers extensive career progression and opportunities.

Airbus apprenticeships are varied – whatever your interest, there will be a position to suit you. The placements range from three to five years and provide practical, valuable and essential training. With Airbus, you will soon be flying high to an exciting career in the aerospace industry.

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