The race to secure talent using AI systems accelerates

One sphere in which it is proving transformative is the HR and recruitment arena

The concept of AI has been around for a number of decades; however, it is only in the last few years that it has been embraced as a way to gain a competitive advantage and transform business processes. One sphere in which it is proving transformative is the HR and recruitment arena.

UK recruitment businesses in particular are turning to new technologies such as AI, virtual reality (VR) and machine learning for a number of reasons. They are using these technologies to streamline applications, reduce workload, attract and identify the best talent, and to deliver an improved candidate experience.

According to extensive research by the well-known outsourcing company Capita Resourcing, many companies in the sector believe that new technology can be crucial in differentiating them from their competitors. The research, which was based on hundreds of interviews with HR and recruitment specialists, business leaders and employees, found that 65 per cent of HR leaders expect the experience they can offer candidates to become a key way to obtain a competitive edge.

More personalised service for candidates akin to the service they receive from the likes of Amazon is something that is seen as increasingly necessary. This can be achieved through digitisation and other technological solutions.

AI’s impact on jobs

According to a study by Undercover Recruiter, AI is predicted to replace around 15 per cent of HR jobs within the next decade; however, it may be that this figure will be lower and the real impact of AI is going to be seen in situations where it can work alongside people and take on some of the more repetitive and time-consuming tasks. In this way, it will free up time for professionals to spend on the jobs that need a personal touch and machines can’t do, which will no doubt give recruiters more chance of finding the right person for the job.


The research also found that over one-third of organisations are already deploying chatbots to answer candidates’ questions and direct them to the answers they are seeking.

The vast majority of HR professionals feel that technology can significantly speed up the recruitment process and boost the quality of the candidates who are shortlisted and selected. AI can even scan candidates’ online presence, including their social media posts, to help establish whether they fit with the culture of the hiring organisation. While the use of AI can no doubt boost efficiency, the majority of HR professionals feel that there is an ongoing need to find the right balance between human and digital contact at certain stages of the recruitment process.

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