Who is Bot and how is he helping the AA to recruit new talent?

There are two main elements to the campaign

As part of a ground-breaking way of using augmented reality (AR) technology and 3D animation to help boost candidate engagement and raise awareness of careers with the AA.

The AABot Drop app and Where’s Bot Been? competition is part of an innovative experiential recruitment campaign developed by Craig Morgans, Director of Talent Acquisition, Emerging Talent & Employee Experience at the AA, in partnership with TMP Worldwide UK (a PeopleScout company).

There are two main elements to the campaign. Experiential shopping centre events and an online competition promoted at the events – and across social media. All activity drives users to the AA careers site. https://www.theaacareers.co.uk/social/wheresbotbeen/

But why use AR? Changing the way audiences connect with a brand, AR enables users to interact with digital content in the real world. It can be particularly effective when used in experiential marketing, allowing companies to create an authentic connection with audiences by delivering an interactive and memorable experience.

Now the AA are using it to raise employer brand awareness and deliver recruitment messages in an unexpected, immersive and engaging way – cutting through more traditional recruitment communications to engage a wider, passive audience and increase their potential talent pool.

A new way to bring the AA employer brand to life
The AA Chat Bot started life as an innovative way to engage people on the AA careers website, and now ‘Bot’ embodies the AA employer brand spirit of Ready for ANYTHING? in a series of animated AR adventures accessed through the AABot Drop app and trigger image postcards. The app also features interactive images of Bot, so he’s also ready to be placed just about anywhere app users decide to take him.

Sharing these images using #wheresbotbeen enters them into a competition for the chance to win a prize. It also helps to spread the word on social media about what a great, fun, family- friendly place it is to work. So, this is more than an engaging AR experience on the event days, it’s one that can be spread to a much wider audience, over a longer period of time.

Results so far
With a steady stream of visitors to the shopping centre space on Saturday 10th August, by Monday 12th traffic to the AA careers site had already increased by 869%. Twitter and Instagram engagement increased considerably on the event day too, with organic impressions, clicks and engagement rates more than double the AA’s average figures.

And, with continuing social media promotion, Bot’s adventures look set to help the AA meet both their recruitment and engagement targets.

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