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Recruitment companies have posted over 100,000 social messages using the new and free to use bulk scheduling software continues to grow in popularity with recruitment firms, using its recommended recruitment & HR news feed is the recruitment friendly social media bulk scheduling software that has now been used by recruiters’ to post over 100,000 updates to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook since launch in June. is popular with recruiters’ as it contains a unique ‘recommended’ section featuring daily recruitment and HR news that users can instantly add to their timelines and schedule to share throughout the week.

Google has announced that a company’s website will be ranked higher in search results if they have more social activity and sharing, making the use of tools like even more important. is Free to use is Free to use

Here’s the COMPLETE set of Accredited Recruitment & HR courses

Here's the COMPLETE set of Accredited Recruitment & HR courses.

Here’s the COMPLETE set of Accredited Recruitment & HR courses.

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  1. In theory this is a great idea. However, I am observing so many recruitment companies and how they behave on Twitter especially, and the results are shocking.

    Whilst automation using a platform such as Flame post is one way to blast content over cross platforms there’s some strong reasons why it may not be a good idea.

    Firstly, we never advise our clients to “cross pollinate” – by that I mean the way content is shared and interacted with is different depending on the social media platform.

    Secondly, and as I see with many of recruitment companies on Twitter, they automate, forget, don’t engage, and mostly they are doing this to the wrong audiences.

    There’s no short cut to social media success, each platform should be treated as its own entity and broadcasting content in the main just doesn’t engage people, especially on Twitter.

    Engagement is key, if a recruitment company wants to attract candidates and / or new clients.

    I’ve shared some of my most recent observations on How recruiters can get more from social media in my blogs.

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