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SkillGigs – eBay auction style recruitment platform launches

SkillGigs claims to be the next generation job finding and hiring experience

SkillGigs is the 24/7 auction-style online job marketplace, which claims to have perfected the art of finding a job and hiring talent.

At its core SkillGigs is a sophisticated AI recruiting technology, which allows for much more efficient matching, a bit like a robot recruiter.  It also features some innovative branding tools for job seekers, such as the patent pending 3D resume technology.

It’s the latest idea from Kashif Aftab, an entrepreneur who was only 10 years old when he helped in his dad’s manufacturing business, and a year later he started to learn coding. In his 20’s he founded an IT firm which he went on to sell, and then founded a further two companies.

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“We want to make hiring decisions smarter and better,” said Kashif Aftab, SkillGigs founder and CEO. “Traditional job marketplaces just fall short.”

“I always used to shake my head at the inefficiencies of recruiting, it felt like trying to find a needle in the haystack. I was on eBay one day, and I thought that the auction style model would make a great way to attract and connect talent with employers for permanent and contract hiring, and that spawned the creation of SkillGigs.”

SkillGigs are a bunch of engineers, recruiters, social scientists, and sales and marketing experts who’ve come together to build the SkillGigs online marketplace. Here, “seekers” interact, post their skills and jobs, bid on opportunities and find their perfect match.

SkillGigs claims to be the next generation job finding and hiring experience. A game changing two-sided marketplace for companies and talent.

In addition, SkillGigs’ proprietary hiring intelligence data makes companies’ hiring decisions smarter and better. SkillGigs has perfected the formula for finding a job so that companies and talent no longer have to hunt for what they can’t find in the traditional job marketplace.

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