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The Five Top Recruitment Technology Challenges – by Louise Triance

I think the biggest complaint I hear about CRMs is that “it doesn’t work”

We’ve been running technology showcase events specifically for recruiters for the past few years.  A survey we did at one of these events shared the top challenges recruitments find with recruitment technology:

  1. Not Knowing What You Need
    This one could easily have been called “not knowing what you DON’T need”.  There are over 100 CRMs in the UK – how on earth are you meant to know which of their many (overlapping) features you need.  We have produced a free white paper that might help: CRM Checklist – 10 Essential Considerations. It’s key that you get this bit right before moving on!
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  2. Taking on Too Much “Tech”
    There are a lot of really interesting products out there and it’s tricky to know which ones to try first. It’s also pretty difficult sometimes to integrate everything you have to work together. It’s really helpful to be chat with other recruiters and hear what they’ve found most useful and maybe even talk to a few technology experts who can help with the integration issues.
  3. Not getting buy in/take up from consultants
    I think the biggest complaint I hear about CRMs is that “it doesn’t work”, however, when you did a little deeper you hear that it doesn’t work because the consultants aren’t using it. This is buy in and take up from consultants is key, not only in your CRM but also any other technology you invest in like multi job posting, video interviewing, etc.
  4. Things Moving too Quickly
    Tricky one to get around; things do keep changing.  The CRMs are always trying to stay ahead of the curve and new products are arriving all the time making it difficult to know what’s actually going to be a “keeper”. Firstly ensure you are making the most of the technology you’ve already invested in but secondly do keep your eyes on the market. It’s much easier to see new innovations in the flesh where you can chat with not only the sales guys but also marketing, development, etc.
  5. The Scoping Process Interfering with core business
    If you are in the market for a new CRM you’ll be looking to lose a good two weeks of time from your diary with research, demos, follow ups, etc.  We set up the technology showcase events specifically to allow recruiters to do it all in one day. Optimising your time in key during this process and if you can get all the stakeholders to evaluate the best in the market in just one then all the better.

We asked delegates from one of recent recruitment technology showcase events the question “What Recruitment Technology Issue is Keeping YOU Awake at Night”   Here is the condensed list of the responses.

  • Linking marketing activities with technology
  • The protection of my businesses data assets
  • Locating the CRM I want to deploy for the next 10 years
  • My businesses lack of a mobile website
  • Monitoring performance of my business and the consultants in it
  • The time consuming nature of repurposing content across different platforms and audiences
  • Driving revenue and maintaining growth performance with profit
  • Knowing what the best databases and software are to move my company forward
  • Best practises in my business not being supported by technology
  • Improving productivity via use of technology
  • Leveraging social media to reach passive candidates
  • Knowing what data to track

With this in mind it’s worth trying to overcome the Five Top Recruitment Technology Challenges and making it along to our technology showcase event on the 8th October – we even have a special discount link for IOR members.

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