Tasytt launches platform for team training and seamless employee onboarding

The effectiveness of Tasytt as a training tool will turn HR’s approach to staff onboarding and professional development on its head

Today Tasytt announced the launch of its unique training platform, which gives new hires the knowledge and know-how to fit immediately after joining a new company. The service also helps teams to stay connected by making information sharing a new part of company culture.

The cloud-based platform, which can be accessed by any device via web browser and Android app, effectively addresses the complex and expensive employee onboarding process from a new angle. Tasytt aims to ease assimilation into a company by providing new staff with easily digestible information and all the necessary tools for them to get up to speed almost immediately. New employees can even familiarize themselves with the roles and interests of individual team members by browsing staff profiles before they ever step foot in the office.

The fully customizable and intuitive interface allows anyone to upload existing materials as well as create informative, media-driven content for training purposes with simple drag-and-drop tools. Tasytt gamifies the process by allowing employers to reward top contributors with incentives, which drives engagement and encourages the development of a knowledge sharing culture within the company. Moreover, hiring managers can easily keep tabs on progress as all training materials have built-in analytics. The platform also integrates with familiar tools such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox, and account provisioning allows managers to create team member logins for Google for Work, Trello, BaseCamp, and GitHub.

“We believe that Tasytt is the ultimate tool for HR managers. Our service allows companies to welcome and train new members without any hassle,” said CEO and Tasytt co-founder Chris Buttenham. “Existing teams, too, can grow together through effective and creative information sharing. Tasytt is just as effective at training long-term employees as it is in bringing new additions to the right level.”

According to an Undercover Recruiter report, employees spend an average of 32 hours every year in training at an average cost to the employer of $1,200 per employee a year. Tasytt not only helps to reduce these costs by streamlining the onboarding process, but also enables existing team members to benefit from effective information management, reducing the need for extra training sessions.

Tasytt was designed in-house and built from the ground up. The agile nature of the platform allows the team to continually add new features and react to user requirements and feedback.

“Reaching out to potential customers and current users has already changed Tasytt. It has become more than we thought it would, with the aspect of knowledge sharing evolving organically out of the original problem of new employee onboarding,” added Buttenham.

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