Meed announces countrywide launch, creates a unique career platform for connecting students with the right job

Meed’s platform aims to help students build detailed, engaging online resumes

Meed announced the official launch of its career platform, allowing university students to create unique professional profiles online. Once completed, their profile grants them access to jobs curated specifically to their majors and interests. Meed gives students a way to stand out in a challenging employment market.

Meed’s platform aims to help students build detailed, engaging online resumes — whether they are experienced postgraduate students or freshmen navigating their first semester. Students simply create a profile that includes their past experience, both professional and educational, a portfolio of projects they’ve completed, and their thoughts on career-related topics outside of their expertise.

Up until now, online recruiting has allowed applicants very little space to express who they are beyond a rigid list of internships and grades. Striving to break the exasperating cycle of needing a job to get a job, Meed gives recruiters the ability to measure a student’s potential based on more than just their limited professional experience. The platform accurately connects employers to the right candidates and students to a tailored selection of available positions.

As a team of 5 twenty-somethings who are all too familiar with the unprecedented struggles faced by students seeking employment today, Meed addresses particular frustrations that older generations and platforms do not. The team’s ability to relate to its users allows the site to successfully cater to a new generation of students and graduates, and is the first to navigate a job market that exists almost entirely online.

“University students need more than just a simple resume submission tool. They need a platform that caters specifically to their needs, giving them every opportunity to succeed. At the same time, recruiters who are looking for the best and brightest candidates need a space that organically brings those individuals to their attention. That’s where the Meed community comes into play,” wrote Co-founder Viswa Mani Kiran Peddinti.

Collections, one of Meed’s many unique features, are a way for students to easily categorize and navigate information on various career related topics. Created by students and influencers (outside mentors to the Meed community), collection topics include everything from Engineering news to “Post Grad Problems.” Each new addition to a user’s portfolio or collection, visible to both their network and recruiters, becomes a new aspect of their professional identity–not unlike the social identity one creates on Facebook.

According to a recent MIT study, employers are looking to hire 15% more college graduates in the 2015-2016 academic year than in previous years. Already available to 28 universities, including Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, UCLA, and Georgia Tech, Meed’s official launch now looks to open the community to many more universities across the country.

“The way companies recruit new hires is fundamentally changing, and the potential for online networks to connect students with companies is growing every day,” added Meed Co-founder Ravi Vadrevu. “With Meed launching across a number of institutions, we look to open up our community to influencers. Influencers are industry professionals and experts who are interested in providing personal advice to users while representing their company and expanding their online following.”

The influencer program is on an invite-only basis. Interested parties should email to find out how to participate.

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